Road Rash tips and SpeederXP

 is the name of a motorcycle-racing video game series by Electronic Arts, in which the player participates in violent illegal street races. The game was originally released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, but was ported to several other systems. Six different games were released from 1991 to 1999, and a 2004 licensed port for the Game Boy Advance was released. Road Rash and two of its sequels later appeared on the EA Replay collection for the PSP.

I want to write something about Road Rash tips and how to use SpeederXP in the game. No cheats code, but you can speed up Road Rash or slow down it, just as you wish. To change speed more convenient, I set “+” for speed up, “-” for slow down, and “*” for default speed. Considering the direction control keys are next to the numeric keypad, I set numeric key 1, 2 and 3 as hotkeys for custom speed at 1.400X, 1.800X and 2.200X for controlling the speed as my wish. Okay, let’s start the game now!

Superiority 1: Skip the beginning, and enter game soon!

Road Rash has a beginning. Don’t need to call up SpeederXP, I can press “+” twice and press “enter” once to skip the beginning and enter the game sooner. After that just press numeric key 2 to get the custom speed 1.800X. Concentrate on your screen. It is time to test out your ability.

Superiority 2: Break through the choke point and challenge to limiting speed.

At present speed (1.800X), the bikes and players are both much faster than normal. It is more breathtaking and more difficult as well. But for one who is Road Rash master, he can manage it well for sure. For greener, the mode can make you improve the drive skill in very short time! But road rash hacks is risky, just be careful, otherwise you would get collided by obstructions!

Superiority 3:Get custom speed, control your speed freely!

But remember Road Rash can not suffer too high a speed. There would be an error hint if your speed is too fast. So that is another reason why I set 3 custom speeds before start the game. They are for preventing error occurring.

When I make turns at bends or pass the place where polices stand at, I need to press “*” to get back to default speed, or even slower than normal speed to go safer. When back to easier road, speed up to enjoy excitement.

In short, SpeederXP has become an important part of my gaming time. And I would like to share it with more people. And just hope my writing is helpful to you. ^^

Here are about how to get road rash tips and road rash hacks with SpeederXP. More other games tips please move to the site.