Online Games Have Became The New Hobbies

With the rise of the new generations more and more people are getting used to the idea of having a computer in their lives and with the internet there isn’t something that you can’t find there, but the big addictions is in the online games.

The online games are very fun to play, but if you are not to careful then there comes the addiction which you think that you do not have, but still you play an online game for 3-4 hours. Recently a new online game was released on the market and if you are a fan of the online games then you have probably played it. is the game that has taken so many hours from our lives, but the sad part is that we let that happen.

My study

In the past several months I have worked hard on a college project about the average hobbies from an average person. Like i mentioned in the short description I have asked almost 1000 people in my hometown and the results that came out where surprising to me because I have never seen before so much people in one town playing one game is a game from a young developer team from Brazil who apparently didn’t know what they were doing when they made this game and now with the skins it will be worse for the people who are putting this game as their hobby in their free time.

How can you be addicted from an online game

Most people who play online games are not aware that they are addicted to online games they just still think that spending several hours playing online games is fun, but the truth is that you are so lost in that game that your reality becomes the same as the game. Not all of the games how you play are addictive the ones that you should be careful when you play are the online games who don’t have an ending like that game last as much as you want it to last and now with the skins it is going to be worse for the players of this game.

Look people live is just too precious to be spend on the computer, I know that the computer is a necessary thing these days, but only used it when you need to learn something that can improve you as a person online games can’t do that, online games can’t get you a girlfriend/boyfriend you have to do that unfortunately.