Game Cheats

Who could have ever possibly imagined how hard running can be? Well for QWOP learning how to run is kind of like teaching a person who is blind how to drive a car, yeah it’s just not going to happen… QWOP has easily proved to be one of the most difficult online games, or should I say just one of the most difficult games in general.

The folks over at Free Games Hacked recently released QWOP Hacked and believe me the game is still difficult but at least you don’t die every time you fall over. I was playing the version earlier and managed to work my way back up after falling, if you do get stuck you can restart the game with the “R” key just as usual, of course the game itself is still a bit tricky, maybe they should make a cheat for that as well?

A few other hard games I ran by are called Snubbyland or sometimes referred to as “The worlds hardest game”. I thought they were quite difficult as well, along with QWOP and those games they definitely rank among the highest of very challenging flash games, either way they are not impossible, you just have to get the timing right and of course there will be a lot of trial and error.

A good technique I found for QWOP is to simply inch yourself along, I think you hold the W and O keys and press Q repeatedly to move yourself forward. This technique will help you move a few steps at a time, and it’s a very long and boring process but there are people that have managed to beat the game this way. I’m still working on beating the game even in the hacked version, yeah it’s nice not to die here and there but it’s still hard to keep yourself moving. If you haven’t tried QWOP yet then you are definitely missing out, try the regular version first and see how far you can get, as always good luck and always keep running! As always enjoy the QUAP olympic game!