Free Nintendo DS Games

Hey guys, sorry but I’m not much of a writer so I’ll get straight to the point. Is it possible to get Free Nintendo Games? Hell yeah it is. If you can follow a set of instructions, you can land your hands on the latest DS games free.  And yes I said it, The Latest. I’m not taking some old Japanese downloads which may even expose you to some viruses or even risk getting you arrested. I will show you a legal and easy way to get original, full version titles. The unfortunate part though is you have to be from the US or Canada and over 13.

You can go to for instructions with screenshots or just follow the below steps if they don’t confuse you.

Step one; register a free e-mail address like Gmail – why? To avoid getting unwanted e-mails to your everyday inbox. I do suggest you save these e-mails though in case you need them for future reference.

Step Two; Register a free account with and choose “Any Nintendo DS Game with Overnight Shipping!”

Step three; Complete a few free surveys till you get 1.5 credits. I think I would be breaking the rules if I tell which ones are quick and easy but I’ll just tell which ones I completed..LOL. What you do with that info is up to you. I cant put pix here so I posted Screen shots on my site ( or you can ignore mine and go directly to choose your own.

Step four; Invite a friend to get some games too. 1 friend = 1 game. You only complete the surveys once but you can invite a million and 1 people to get your free games.

Step five: Choose your favourite title out of all the DS games ever made and have it shipped over night.

These people are quick and reliable. Just to name a few in my collection, Brain Training, The whole Mario DS suit, Advance wars, Cooking Mama, Need for speed, Pokémon collection, Grand theft auto… I hate to brag but the list goes on.

Now its important that I’m straight with you as to why I am doing this. Nope, I’m not getting paid to do this, I don’t work for these people BUT, I’m a heavy gamer and I need my free DS games. On average I get 25 games a week from these people. Now I don’t have 25 friends which I invite every week and I don’t care how popular you are, neither do you. But I have an easy way to invite fellow gamers who also get tons of free Nintendo games in return. I am willing to show you how, but only if you are serious. So once you have registered your account and done the free surveys, just send me an e-mail to sam@loudmouthsam.comwith the e-mail you used to register for your free DS games. No, I’m not going to charge you for this but I guarantee you it will get you tons of free games without even having to invite you own friends.