Bejeweled Blitz Tips

We all know about the Bejeweled Blitz game which can be played on Facebook, MySpace, and other official PopCap sites. Every week, there are drawings held which are pretty much based on your and your friends’ high scores. With these scores, you can earn cool stuff such as a free “Deluxe” version of any PopCap games, Plushies, or Netbook. For these cool freebees, who wouldn’t want to use some of these tricks and get ahead of everyone? I knew you’d be interested. Keep reading then.

Coins and Boosts

This is the newest addition and can help in improving your overall game. Coins are easy to earn as they come with the yellow gems in the game. You can easily collect them during the “Last Hurrah” while the game is on, so don’t rush to get them first. Plus, these coins can be used to buy boosts, “powerups” which last for next 3 games. These powers are…
Mystery Gem – helps give you a random special gem from the beginning of the game.
Detonators – they are like “Last Hurrah”, but can be triggered at any time in your game to clear out an entire belt of special gems.
Reshufflers – will give you a chance to clear up the board if you get stuck somewhere.
Five More Seconds – gives you five more seconds.
Multiplier Kickstarts – gives you a multiplier gem from the beginning of the game, so your score can increase more quickly.
Moonstone – gives you one-game advantage with 3 (row and column) star gems.
Strategies to Apply

As the game is only a minute long game (or short, whatever you may call it), it’s pretty descent to play. It’s a great variation from the original Bejeweled version. But there are certain tricks that you should keep in mind while playing the game.
First and foremost, download the free trial version and get 50,000 coins without making any purchase. Just log in to your Facebook account and redeem the coins.
Start playing the game before you are prompted the “Go” signal. You’ll get a 2 or 3 second head start before the voice says “Go”.
While the explosions are going on due to the hypercubes and other gems, keep playing the game. The screen will become dark, but keep matching the gems even when the explosions are on.
As you move the gems while other gems are falling in their place, you will earn a speed demon multiplier.
Another way to score a whopping score is to destroy a total 10 gems at a time. This way, you’ll score a “Point Multiplier” because of the cascading gems.
As you started playing before the “Go” prompt, keep playing even when the game is over. With the last few seconds remaining in the game, you can easily score few more points in the last move.
Play with the sound turned off. At times, the sound effects and voices can distract you while playing. You can easily focus on the game when the sound is off.
To create “Hypercubes”, “Flame” and “Star Gems”, go for 4 or 5 gems at a time. This will create larger explosions, give more points and more chances for extra “Multiplier Gems”.
The first move in the game should concentrate on making a power gem. Take both power gems, bring them together within the initial 5-10 seconds to score big.
One of the important tips while playing the game is to make combinations on one side of the board. Quickly look on the other side of the board to remove any blocks from occurring.
Try grouping colors/gems together instead of going for single 3 gem combinations.
Bottom line – play as swiftly as you can and give the game the best you can. Finally, the only other cheat I can give you now is that play on a laptop or PC that’s fast enough, with good memory, and powerful Internet connection. Close all other browsing windows and programs while playing the game. And if you have a bad game going on, just keep playing. This will give you all the practice you need to get better next time.

Lemonade Stand Game Tips

Want to test your management skills? Looking at that crowded coffee shop while walking on the streets, have you ever thought that if you would have run the same business, then there would’ve been higher profits? Well, before you try your hand at running that shop, read this article that tells you about a game, which will help you to be successful. Though it seems childish – the fact being that which kind of businessman plays games, the following one will surely put all your managerial skills to test.


Lemonade stand game is a very simple PC game, which can be played by both adults and children. It incorporates the basic economic and business principle-based themes. Your goal is to make as much money as possible, in a given time frame. You control a business that consists of a lemonade stand, and you get to manage all the associated aspects in your bid to earn more money. Purchasing raw material, setting up the prices, quality control, customer satisfaction, etc., are some of the aspects that you have to manage. Based on the weather conditions, you have to decide on how much material to keep in stock, the price of your drink, how to sell maximum lemonade to potential customers, how to maintain quality, etc. Besides the weather, changes can be done to almost every aspect mentioned above. In some versions of the game, you can even change your selling price depending on the time of the day. A higher price towards noon, and a lower price towards the evening, can ensure that you sell maximum lemonade to customers.

Being a business game, it was developed to provide the upcoming managers, administrators, and students, to try their skills by managing a virtual lemonade stand. Since it is a Java-based program, it can be played anywhere, provided the user has Internet access. The player is exposed to a business-like situation, and based on his managerial skills, one would be able to make maximum profit.

Directions of the Game

You have to decide the number of days that you want to play for; you can choose from 7, 14, or 30 days. Then, you will need to consider your assets. You will be given USD 20 for your setup, and you have to manage with it. You can buy as many cups, lemons, sugar, and ice cubes as you want, but you must remember that this purchase can be made only once a day. It is important to keep the weather conditions in mind, as you don’t want to run out of stock on a particularly hot day. Weather is the major component of your business. Always consider it while deciding upon the cost per glass. Once you get the hang of it, you will understand and manage your setup. The clue to the game is to develop a business sense.

Helpful Hints
You will be given USD 20 in the beginning, and you need to judiciously use this amount to purchase raw materials. I would recommend not to purchase lots of ice, because if you cannot sell the required lemonade quantity, then the ice melts towards the end of the day, resulting in your loss. Also, do not buy too many lemons; if your sale is not high enough, then there are chances of the lemons going bad. The same applies for sugar; too much or too little is both bad for your business.
You need to check the weather for the day, before buying any raw materials. Buy more inventory on a hot day, and less on rainy days.
The price that you charge per glass has a huge effect on the amount of glasses, which you would be selling per day. Keep in mind the mindset of customers, and ensure that your price is managed accordingly. Also, you need to consider the weather while setting up the product prices. For example, no one would want to buy a highly priced lemonade when it rains.
Customer satisfaction is another important factor, which will help to boost your business. If people like your product, then they will spread a good word about it, and this will surely work in your favor. Remember, a good product should be evenly priced. If you overcharge, you will get less customers at your shop.
Have a business sense of your own to make the profit go higher.
This is a very simple PC game, and it will put your management skills to test. Though it may be addictive in the beginning for some, it is nevertheless one of those harmless addictions.

Tips to Play Candy Crush Saga Game

Run, Run, Run! Candy Crush Saga has taken over the whole world! Look here and there, it is simply everywhere. It is a puzzle video game where you have to match three similar candies together. The game has a colorful look with bright candies along with different obstacles that you have to overcome and win. Don’t fall for the pretty and easy look of the game, because it will get challenging as you go ahead. It is pretty simple until you reach the 30th level. So, think that it is a lame game because in the end, this very game is going to get you so addicted that you’d hardly be able to keep your fingers off this game!

It started on Facebook and soon made its entry into smartphones, thus becoming an inseparable part of many people’s lives. It’s a great game, but at the same time, it could be a reason for your frustration. Surprised? Well, frustration arises when we’re stuck at some level, which we aren’t able to surpass, and this ends up in us giving up and uninstalling the game. Been there and done that, have you? Don’t give up yet, just try these few simple tricks and cheats.

✦ You get a striped candy if you match 4 candies together. If you make a horizontal move, the candy will have horizontal stripes, which shows that it will clear the horizontal line. The same applies for vertical lines. Also, remember that matching two striped candies will clear all the candies in that cross. So, plan beforehand, and it will help you clear the level with ease.

✦ If you match candies in an L-shape or a T-shape, you get a candy wrapped in plastic. If you match it with similar-colored candies, it will clear up the space around. It is very useful in levels where you have to clear jellies. Matching two packet candies will crush many candies around.

✱ Swap a striped candy with a packet candy to destroy three rows and columns.

✦ A color bomb that looks like a donut is the result of matching five candies together. If you swipe it with a candy, it will remove all the candies of that color. This color bomb can be swiped with striped or packet candies to destroy more. If you get two color bombs beside each other, you can clear up the whole game board by swapping both.

✦ In some levels, a jelly fish comes to your aid. In the early stages, if you have moves pending and the level is over, you see a fish or other helpers. But, in the later stages, you’ll get fish to use as you want. Remember to keep these fish till the end, because they will clear up jellies where it has been impossible for you.

Unlimited Lives
Get free, unlimited lives by manipulating your phone’s setting. Waiting for lives is like a huge test of patience for addicts. When you’ve no lives left, close the app and go to the date and time settings of your phone. Turn off the setting where the time and date is automatically set. Now, go and set the time and date that is ahead of the current time. Return to the game app, and you’ll see all your lives are back!

Tip: You might see a warning saying it is incorrect if you start playing immediately. Here’s an advice for the same. Don’t start playing. Instead go the ‘settings’ option and set it to an automatic update so that the current time and date will get updated. Now, you can open the game and play for all the five lives. You can do this as many times as you want. Cool, right?

✱ If you’re playing on Facebook, you can open multiple tabs of Candy Crush at the same time. This won’t ever make you wait for the lives.

Take help only when needed
There is always a struggle to get extra lives, and you sure are happy when your friends send lives to you. But do remember that you have only a maximum of 5 lives. When you start the game and you get all your requests, do not accept lives when you already have 5; they’ll go waste, so just close the window. In the mobile version, you can see an envelope sign where all your notifications are stored. On Facebook, you can refresh the page to get the notification page back.

Follow your instincts
You must have seen the candies flashing (a hint for the next move) when you don’t make a move for some time. You don’t need to trust that always. Just go with your instinct!

Fight the Foes First!
✦ If it is a jelly level, start with clearing jellies at the edges, because it is going to be difficult later.

✦ If it is chocolate or bombs, concentrate on them first. Or you will lose in spite of having many moves left. This is the only time where you can get frustrated over a chocolate.

Tip: Chocolate will be generated to block your way. But, it will stop generating later if destroyed in the earlier round. So destroy it in all your moves to keep it away. Sadly, in the later levels, there is a chocolate generator. But till then, you can use this tip.

✦ If it is an ingredient level, make sure the ingredients reach the exit at the bottom. Sometimes, you might be forced to move an ingredient in a column where there is no exit down. Except that, try not to do so.

Don’t let Candy Crush win!
Candy Crush can be a notorious games at times, and may not accept the last jelly crushed in the last move. Hence, always think that you have one move less and then play the game.

Beat the timer
If it is a timer level, remember that +5 candies will help you get to the desired score. So, match as many as possible.

Reshuffling Candies
When you start a level, you know if it’s going to be hard or easy. You can reshuffle the candies without losing anything. This tip is for all those playing on their phones. When the level starts and before you make a move, press the exit button. When you go back to that level, you’ll see the reshuffled candies.

The pink bow
You may have noticed a pink bow on some levels. This indicates that some Facebook friend has given you a gift of +3 moves for it. If you’re playing it on the phone, the extra moves are added up directly, but if you’re playing it on Facebook, click on the +3 option before starting the game. The extra moves will only be available for that particular level, so use it. Who knows, you might just gain from it!

Thrilling Minute to Win It Game

Games for Kids
These games are a fun way to encourage the sporting spirit in youngsters. It helps them take up challenges in a positive spirit and try to win for fun.
Baby Blocking
In this game, the contestant has to balance a plate on his head and stack about 5 children’s building blocks on it. The stack needs to be balanced without falling for 3 seconds to win.

The participant has to stack three golf balls vertically on the table and they have to remain upright for 3 consecutive seconds to win.

The contestants are provided with half-full bottles of water. The challenge is for the participant to throw the bottle underarm and it should land upright about 5 feet away. Every participant is given ten attempts to complete the challenge successfully.

The contestant has to bounce a ping-pong ball onto a piece of bread. What is the challenge? The bread is covered with peanut butter and placed on a platform that is about 15 feet away. And, just bouncing the ball is not enough, the ball needs to stick on the bread.
Suck It Up
The participant has to suck up M&M’s using only a flexible straw and transport them onto two or four flexible straws which have been arranged vertically. To win, at least one M&M candy needs to be balanced at the end of the minute.

Cooked pasta pieces are kept in a bowl, an empty bowl is placed on the side and the contestants are given an uncooked spaghetti strand. In under a minute, the contestant needs to transfer 6 pieces of pasta using only the spaghetti which is held in the mouth. The contestant should be careful and avoid using hands, or it will result in a foul. Also, if the uncooked spaghetti strand breaks, the game is lost.
Candy Cane Collection
On a table, arrange a stack of candy canes (as many contestants as there will be) and a basket next to each stack. The contestants have to transfer as many candy canes as they can into the basket, within a minute. The hitch is that they cannot use their hands and must only use a candy cane to transfer the other candy canes. The person who manages to transfer the maximum number, wins.
Let’s Can It
Use a tub and fill it with water, then place a plastic plate in it. The challenge is to stack 5 aluminum cans on the plate in under a minute. The plate has no solid base because of the water and that’s what adds to the challenge.

The contestants have to place a Popsicle stick or a ruler into their mouth and stack 5 dice one on top of the other under a minute. The dice have to be balanced for 3 seconds at least.
Bag it
Place 5 bags of varying heights are on the ground for each contestant participating in the game. Using their mouths, the contestants have to transfer the bags from the ground to the table that is placed some distance away. The rule is that they cannot use their hands and cannot bend on all fours to retrieve the bags.
Note: There are high chances of the participants tripping in this game. Make sure that you take the necessary precautions.
Games for Adults
These Minute to Win It games help create some interest during a boring office party and can be used as a team-building game. They are great ice breakers as well.
Bobble Head
The contestant needs to wear a pedometer on the head using a headband. Then, he/she is supposed to get a minimum of 125 head jerks in one minute.

A yo-yo is tied to the waist of the contestant. Using this yo-yo, the contestant is supposed to knock down four empty soda cans which have been arranged at different levels from the ground.

This is an interesting Minute to Win It game idea where the contestant runs a thread through the eye of not one, not four, but ten needles. The challenge is that each eye is smaller than the previous eye of the needle.
Chop Stack
This is a stacking challenge, where the contestant stacks four lip balm containers on each other. The challenge is to stack the lip balms over a pair of chopsticks. The tower should stay in place for about 3 seconds to win the challenge.

In this challenge, the contestant carries two eggs on inverted plates from point A to point B, which are 15 feet apart. If the egg drops, the contestant loses the challenge.

In under a minute, the contestant needs to pull out all the 160 tissues in a tissue box using just one hand.
Ball Cap
This game requires the contestant to drop golf balls on the top of glass soda bottles. The challenge is to displace the upside down bottle caps placed on top of each bottle within a minute.

A jumping game, where an empty box of tissues is tied to the back of the contestant’s belt. This box is filled with 8 tennis balls and the contestant has to jump or wriggle to get the tennis balls out. Using of hands is not allowed. One can use this game as a competition between players of different teams. Even if one is not able to get all the 8 balls out, the player with the least tennis balls left in the box, wins.
This Blows
10 plastic cups are turned upside down and placed in a row on the table. The participants have to use only a straw and blow the plastic cups off the table. The contestant who manages to move all the cups off the table, wins. Or, the participant that manages the maximum cups in under a minute, wins.
Cookie Stack
Stock up on the thickest cookies that you can find and keep them on a table within easy reach. The contestants have to stack 10 cookies one on top of the other on their forehead in under a minute. If the cookies fall, they have to start all over again.
The kind of fun you can have playing these games is simply incomparable. So what we suggest you do is throw a party, call all your friends over and have a marathon Minute to Win It games special. You will love the rush. That we promise.