Party Games

Organizing games for a dinner party is a popular way of enjoying it to the fullest. Sometimes, games are played before dinner is served, while in some cases, these are arranged after having the dinner.

Definitely, games are not the central event of this party, so organizing them rightly while considering the time is essential. Well, making a simple party extremely eventful and memorable for everyone is easy with some fun-filled games.

Find the Match

You need a few plain or ‘Hello’ stickers for this game. Make a list of famous couples and write them randomly on the stickers. As the guests arrive or when you start to play the game, one must go and start sticking a sticker on each guest’s back. Once this is done, you have to say ‘Start finding your match’. Now all the guests will mingle and try to find their match to form the right couple. Instead of famous couples you can have interesting variations in the games. Like a pair of office supplies, name of author and books, name of artist and work of art, player’s name and his/her team name, and much more.

Message Plates

Take small pieces of cardboard paper. Start by writing a phrase or a simple statement on each piece. Place one below each guest’s plate. Make sure that it is an unusual statement. Such as, ‘I was abducted a week back’. When all arrive at the table, ask them to read the note that is placed below their plate. This must be kept a secret and hence, should not be read aloud. Ask them to memorize it well. Now, the game starts with a conversation. During this, they have to try to slip this phrase into the conversation. Well, the trick is that no one must realize that you have slipped this odd phrase in-between. If someone states their phrase and someone realizes it, the person who realized must point out and tell the phrase. If it is right the guest who is caught is out of the game. Those who use the phrase, which no one realizes are winners.

Guess the Spice

You need at least 10 different spices, each one in a separate plastic container for the game. The containers should be covered with white paper if they show the name. Also, there must be 3 – 4 small holes on the lid so that guests can smell the spice. Number the spices from 1 to 10. Give a paper to each guest. Start passing the spices. When each one gets a spice bottle he/she can smell it and write down its number and name on the paper. Then comes the next spice, again each guest will guess and write down the name in front of the spice’s number. When all the spices have been passed it is time to count the scores. Get the sheets and check who has maximum correct answers. This person wins the game.

Don’t Cross Legs

This is one of the fun-filled games for kids and adults where each player is waiting for other people to do a mistake. Give each one a napkin. As soon as anyone crosses the legs, the one who caught him, will get his/her napkin. Now, if a person having more than one napkin crosses legs, he/she will lose all the napkins to one who caught him/her. At the end, the one who has maximum napkins wins the game. Well, most of us have the habit of crossing legs while sitting and even while standing so this is surely going to be a fun party game!

These games will surely add an excitement element to the occasion. Think over, and try out various adaptations in these games that can be even more interesting to play. There are a number of games that you can opt for and make your party an enjoyable event.

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Online Games Have Became The New Hobbies

With the rise of the new generations more and more people are getting used to the idea of having a computer in their lives and with the internet there isn’t something that you can’t find there, but the big addictions is in the online games.

The online games are very fun to play, but if you are not to careful then there comes the addiction which you think that you do not have, but still you play an online game for 3-4 hours. Recently a new online game was released on the market and if you are a fan of the online games then you have probably played it. is the game that has taken so many hours from our lives, but the sad part is that we let that happen.

My study

In the past several months I have worked hard on a college project about the average hobbies from an average person. Like i mentioned in the short description I have asked almost 1000 people in my hometown and the results that came out where surprising to me because I have never seen before so much people in one town playing one game is a game from a young developer team from Brazil who apparently didn’t know what they were doing when they made this game and now with the skins it will be worse for the people who are putting this game as their hobby in their free time.

How can you be addicted from an online game

Most people who play online games are not aware that they are addicted to online games they just still think that spending several hours playing online games is fun, but the truth is that you are so lost in that game that your reality becomes the same as the game. Not all of the games how you play are addictive the ones that you should be careful when you play are the online games who don’t have an ending like that game last as much as you want it to last and now with the skins it is going to be worse for the players of this game.

Look people live is just too precious to be spend on the computer, I know that the computer is a necessary thing these days, but only used it when you need to learn something that can improve you as a person online games can’t do that, online games can’t get you a girlfriend/boyfriend you have to do that unfortunately.

Selecting Best Game

This is the age of smart phones, tablets and laptops. Any average person with sufficient income can not keep himself or herself away from these gadgets. So, whoever uses these devices for any reason would be playing the games on it, mostly on smartphones and tablets.
Playing a game on your mobile or tablet isn’t that bad or good either. We will not go into that serious discussions. I only think that games should for relaxing your mind, pass your time and make some fun out of stressed life. That’s why selecting right game for you will be that crucial.
So coming now to main topic how to selecting best suitable game for self. Once you are on Google play or iTunes store don’t hop in to top games in the list. At any day this would be a easy choice to select any game from top 10 or top 20 games. But what if the game from the list is not of your choice. So first ask your self and understand what you like, for example racing, action, casual or brain games and many more. There are lot of options of game category. Here I am listing our some of most popular categories of games.

  • Action
  • Arcade
  • Card
  • Casual
  • Brain or puzzle
  • Building
  • Endless Run
  • Movie Inspired
  • Music/ Musical Instrument related
  • Racing
  • Shooting
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • Words
  • Zombie

Once you know the category of game you want, you will get list of top games in the category. Check the total no. of downloads and average review score for that perticular game. Also check user review of selected game.

This is not the end, I will tell one of the interesting part of games before you download them on your devices. We all now aware of our device RAM and its processor speed. It is very important paramater when you want to play high speed action games. If you select a heavy game with lot of graphics and more than 500 MB download size, then you must need to check your device limit. Slow processor speed and low RAM can ruin your gaming experince. Your phone may frequently hang while you are playing this game and you end up cursing either your device or game developer. This simply means your phone does not support to your device. Since we can not change our for a single game then its bit easy to select right game. Even I follow this simple rule whenever I wanted to download any hifi action or racing game. While doing so I do check the download size of the game and decide.

If you follow above given some reccomendations then it will be very easy for you to select best game in that category and best suitable for your device too. One can chose more than one category to enhance their game experience and fun level