Bejeweled Blitz Tips

We all know about the Bejeweled Blitz game which can be played on Facebook, MySpace, and other official PopCap sites. Every week, there are drawings held which are pretty much based on your and your friends’ high scores. With these scores, you can earn cool stuff such as a free “Deluxe” version of any PopCap games, Plushies, or Netbook. For these cool freebees, who wouldn’t want to use some of these tricks and get ahead of everyone? I knew you’d be interested. Keep reading then.

Coins and Boosts

This is the newest addition and can help in improving your overall game. Coins are easy to earn as they come with the yellow gems in the game. You can easily collect them during the “Last Hurrah” while the game is on, so don’t rush to get them first. Plus, these coins can be used to buy boosts, “powerups” which last for next 3 games. These powers are…
Mystery Gem – helps give you a random special gem from the beginning of the game.
Detonators – they are like “Last Hurrah”, but can be triggered at any time in your game to clear out an entire belt of special gems.
Reshufflers –

Lemonade Stand Game Tips

Want to test your management skills? Looking at that crowded coffee shop while walking on the streets, have you ever thought that if you would have run the same business, then there would’ve been higher profits? Well, before you try your hand at running that shop, read this article that tells you about a game, which will help you to be successful. Though it seems childish – the fact being that which kind of businessman plays games, the following one will surely put all your managerial skills to test.


Lemonade stand game is a very simple PC game, which can be played by both adults and children. It incorporates the basic economic and business principle-based themes. Your goal is to make as much money as possible, in a given time frame. You control a business that consists of a lemonade stand, and you get to manage all the associated aspects in your bid to earn more money. Purchasing raw material, setting up the prices, quality control, customer satisfaction, etc., are some of the aspects that you have to manage. Based on the weather conditions, you have to decide on how much material to keep in stock, the price of

Tips to Play Candy Crush Saga Game

Run, Run, Run! Candy Crush Saga has taken over the whole world! Look here and there, it is simply everywhere. It is a puzzle video game where you have to match three similar candies together. The game has a colorful look with bright candies along with different obstacles that you have to overcome and win. Don’t fall for the pretty and easy look of the game, because it will get challenging as you go ahead. It is pretty simple until you reach the 30th level. So, think that it is a lame game because in the end, this very game is going to get you so addicted that you’d hardly be able to keep your fingers off this game!

It started on Facebook and soon made its entry into smartphones, thus becoming an inseparable part of many people’s lives. It’s a great game, but at the same time, it could be a reason for your frustration. Surprised? Well, frustration arises when we’re stuck at some level, which we aren’t able to surpass, and this ends up in us giving up and uninstalling the game. Been there and done that, have you? Don’t give up yet, just try these few

Thrilling Minute to Win It Game

Games for Kids
These games are a fun way to encourage the sporting spirit in youngsters. It helps them take up challenges in a positive spirit and try to win for fun.
Baby Blocking
In this game, the contestant has to balance a plate on his head and stack about 5 children’s building blocks on it. The stack needs to be balanced without falling for 3 seconds to win.

The participant has to stack three golf balls vertically on the table and they have to remain upright for 3 consecutive seconds to win.

The contestants are provided with half-full bottles of water. The challenge is for the participant to throw the bottle underarm and it should land upright about 5 feet away. Every participant is given ten attempts to complete the challenge successfully.

The contestant has to bounce a ping-pong ball onto a piece of bread. What is the challenge? The bread is covered with peanut butter and placed on a platform that is about 15 feet away. And, just bouncing the ball is not enough, the ball needs to stick on the bread.
Suck It Up
The participant has to suck up M&M’s using only a flexible straw and transport

Party Games

Organizing games for a dinner party is a popular way of enjoying it to the fullest. Sometimes, games are played before dinner is served, while in some cases, these are arranged after having the dinner.

Definitely, games are not the central event of this party, so organizing them rightly while considering the time is essential. Well, making a simple party extremely eventful and memorable for everyone is easy with some fun-filled games.

Find the Match

You need a few plain or ‘Hello’ stickers for this game. Make a list of famous couples and write them randomly on the stickers. As the guests arrive or when you start to play the game, one must go and start sticking a sticker on each guest’s back. Once this is done, you have to say ‘Start finding your match’. Now all the guests will mingle and try to find their match to form the right couple. Instead of famous couples you can have interesting variations in the games. Like a pair of office supplies, name of author and books, name of artist and work of art, player’s name and his/her team name, and much more.

Message Plates

Take small pieces of cardboard paper. Start by writing a

playing latest games over the secured portals

Many of us love to play the games and there is no end to the fun offered by the interesting games. One can pick the games over the internet as there are innumerable gaming portals that always offer a chance to play the fun offering games. Irrespective of the time one can happily play and enjoy the games as per the choice as there are numerous portals that offer wonderful games and playing online doesn’t spoil the fun of the game.

One can easily gain good experience in playing the online games can start looking for the live games that are free and enjoy sharing the scores with other gamers. This is not just passing time, but a fun filled aspect that allows people to enjoy new games every day. The majority of the online portals always provide games that comfort people and even add latest games to the list in order to fill the players with happiness.

  • Be cautious while picking the free games and play as playing in the new platform is not a very tough task as the majority of the portals are user

Online Games Have Became The New Hobbies

With the rise of the new generations more and more people are getting used to the idea of having a computer in their lives and with the internet there isn’t something that you can’t find there, but the big addictions is in the online games.

The online games are very fun to play, but if you are not to careful then there comes the addiction which you think that you do not have, but still you play an online game for 3-4 hours. Recently a new online game was released on the market and if you are a fan of the online games then you have probably played it. is the game that has taken so many hours from our lives, but the sad part is that we let that happen.

My study

In the past several months I have worked hard on a college project about the average hobbies from an average person. Like i mentioned in the short description I have asked almost 1000 people in my hometown and the results that came out where surprising to me because I have never seen before so much people in one town playing

Selecting Best Game

This is the age of smart phones, tablets and laptops. Any average person with sufficient income can not keep himself or herself away from these gadgets. So, whoever uses these devices for any reason would be playing the games on it, mostly on smartphones and tablets.
Playing a game on your mobile or tablet isn’t that bad or good either. We will not go into that serious discussions. I only think that games should for relaxing your mind, pass your time and make some fun out of stressed life. That’s why selecting right game for you will be that crucial.
So coming now to main topic how to selecting best suitable game for self. Once you are on Google play or iTunes store don’t hop in to top games in the list. At any day this would be a easy choice to select any game from top 10 or top 20 games. But what if the game from the list is not of your choice. So first ask your self and understand what you like, for example racing, action, casual or brain games and many more. There are lot

Free Nintendo DS Games

Hey guys, sorry but I’m not much of a writer so I’ll get straight to the point. Is it possible to get Free Nintendo Games? Hell yeah it is. If you can follow a set of instructions, you can land your hands on the latest DS games free.  And yes I said it, The Latest. I’m not taking some old Japanese downloads which may even expose you to some viruses or even risk getting you arrested. I will show you a legal and easy way to get original, full version titles. The unfortunate part though is you have to be from the US or Canada and over 13.

You can go to for instructions with screenshots or just follow the below steps if they don’t confuse you.

Step one; register a free e-mail address like Gmail – why? To avoid getting unwanted e-mails to your everyday inbox. I do suggest you save these e-mails though in case you need them for future reference.

Step Two; Register a free account with and choose “Any Nintendo DS Game with Overnight Shipping!”

Step three; Complete a

Xbox 360 Video Games

Video games, like movies, are largely franchise based—if a game does good it will likely be rewarded with a sequel. Some games are created with the intention of a sequel (or in the case of Mass Effect, a trilogy) and some sequels are made in large part to satisfy gamers clamoring for a new one, and really, why would the developers deny them when it is essentially, easy cash. Good sequels are ones that build off the original and create something altogether new, not just rehash old ideas and throw in a new multiplayer mode. Two of the most anticipated games of 2010 in my list are sequels and one of a game that, if it succeeds commercially and critically, is almost guaranteed a sequel of its own.

 1) Bioshock 2

The first Bioshock was a rarity for games of this generation—it had only a single player campaign, albeit a lengthy one with an engrossing story, but no multiplayer. The sequel to the critically loved Bioshock is getting multiplayer and it’s changing the perspective of the gamer from mysterious human to mechanical Big Daddy. In the first

Easter Games For Kids

The most of the Easter Spring holidays. These holiday season is a perfect way to celebration and festivity. For instance, you can play the game of Freeze. Within this Outdoor Easter Game, players form an organization and a person is chosen as ‘it’. This individual touches the other player and also the person who is being touched becomes frozen. Now, this individual has to stand with their feet apart. And also the only way the person can become unfrozen happens when another player crawls under his/her legs. As well as in this way, the game continues until all of the players are frozen.

Outdoor Easter games provide a family activity beyond the traditional Easter egg hunt. The majority of the Easter games use basic supplies, which makes them simple and inexpensive to coordinate. The games also lend themselves well to indoor adaptations. This lets you move the Easter activities indoors should there be April showers and the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Outdoor Easter Games


Create a limbo bar from an old broom handle or similar long stick. Begin with the stick high and also have

My Little Pony Games

For all the people who are proud parents of young daughter, then you have most surely been introduced to My Little Pony toy figures and games. The Little Pony is a favorite character of little girls and they find the cute little figure to relate themselves with. With the huge success of my little pony as a television series, lots of my little pony toys and games are made available in the market. The cute vinyl toys have been indispensable for many toy-boxes since their introduction by Hasbro in the year 1981. These little pony toys come in a huge variety and each character has its own sweet name like Rainbow Dash, Minty, Sweet Berry, Rarity, and Thistle Whistle. If the names alone didn’t make these little mares irresistible to little girls, then their colorful tails and manes, brands painted to their flanks, and various decorations will definitely catch your daughter’s eye in the toy-store.

My Little Pony has beyond doubt delighted little girls for 20 years and now they have many wonderful my little pony games to go along with the adorable my little pony. Every little girl is sure to love all the fun she will have

Naruto Game Update

update game Naruto: Ninja Clash timey is something to rejoice the supporters delete any first Dark-colored OPC: OPC returns Useless Arcade mode! And one of the Ninja Fury trophies revealed angels inclusion of a mode known as OPC Useless a couple of Arcade. Therefore, we should expect any company that angels give more details about this version minus all episodes collected in the drive, in addition to revealing the angels departure date delete last chapter in digital electronic format.

This new release promises to be one of the most innovative thanks angels any vehicles including new hook and rope ing that will make getting around Los Angeles seaside town a different experience any seen in the previous installments. And one of the Ninja Fury trophies revealed angels inclusion of a mode known as OPC Useless a couple of Arcade. Therefore, we should expect any company that angels give more details about this version minus all episodes collected in the drive, in addition to revealing the angels departure date delete last chapter in digital electronic format.For now, it is unknown if physical release ofnaruto juegoNinja Fury Telltale game MMORPGs include subtitles in Castilian, since episodes in digital electronic format is

Amazing new Browser Game

Castlot is a free-to-play RTS game available to play online. The game is browser based so anybody with a computer and an internet connection should be able to play it without experiencing any technical issues. Best of all, you can play the game instantly as you dont have to download any additional game data onto your hard drive. Surprisingly, the game starts off immediately and you are unable to customize the appearance of your on-screen avatar. All you have to do is choose your desired name and you are ready to undergo the tutorial for Castlelot.

Gamers looking to play a game with high production values should definitely look elsewhere. The game lacks any audio so players will be experiencing the game in utter silence. There are no voice-overs in the game so gamers will have to read a lot of text boxes. Not only that but there no background music in Castlot which makes the atmosphere of the game very dull, although this is to be expected from a free-to-play browser based RTS game.

Graphically, the game is quite impressive for a game that lacks in other production values. As it is like with other

Game Cheats

Who could have ever possibly imagined how hard running can be? Well for QWOP learning how to run is kind of like teaching a person who is blind how to drive a car, yeah it’s just not going to happen… QWOP has easily proved to be one of the most difficult online games, or should I say just one of the most difficult games in general.

The folks over at Free Games Hacked recently released QWOP Hacked and believe me the game is still difficult but at least you don’t die every time you fall over. I was playing the version earlier and managed to work my way back up after falling, if you do get stuck you can restart the game with the “R” key just as usual, of course the game itself is still a bit tricky, maybe they should make a cheat for that as well?

A few other hard games I ran by are called Snubbyland or sometimes referred to as “The worlds hardest game”. I thought they were quite difficult as well, along with QWOP and those games they definitely rank among the highest of very

Fun Free Online Games

When your mind wanders and leaves you looking for a little distraction, there are endless opportunities for you on the Internet.  All sorts of games that you can play are available right on your desktop or laptop computer.  The best part is that there are plenty of fun, free online games waiting for you to enjoy.

Online games are a great pastime because they’re convenient and fun.  There are standard games that so many people are familiar with like checkers or card games like hearts.  With the world of Internet games, however, options for games are constantly expanding.  Now many online games have the technical creativity and sophistication of video games but with one major difference that sets them apart: they’re free!

From puzzle games to action and sports games, you have a ton of options to play games online.  One big increase online is the popularity of role playing games, or RPGs.  Here you can immerse yourself as a character in the game you’re playing and can join in and interact with other gamers online.  It’s like playing a gaming console with friends in your home,

Road Rash tips and SpeederXP

 is the name of a motorcycle-racing video game series by Electronic Arts, in which the player participates in violent illegal street races. The game was originally released for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, but was ported to several other systems. Six different games were released from 1991 to 1999, and a 2004 licensed port for the Game Boy Advance was released. Road Rash and two of its sequels later appeared on the EA Replay collection for the PSP.

I want to write something about Road Rash tips and how to use SpeederXP in the game. No cheats code, but you can speed up Road Rash or slow down it, just as you wish. To change speed more convenient, I set “+” for speed up, “-” for slow down, and “*” for default speed. Considering the direction control keys are next to the numeric keypad, I set numeric key 1, 2 and 3 as hotkeys for custom speed at 1.400X, 1.800X and 2.200X for controlling the speed as my wish. Okay, let’s start the game now!

Superiority 1: Skip the beginning, and enter game soon!


Best Mobile Game Development

Mobile devices are capable of performing a variety of functions now. These days, it is the entertainment aspect of the devices that tend to be highlighted the most. In fact, playing games is one of the most common activities that people perform on their smartphones and tablets. Therefore, it can actually be a great idea to start making a mobile game.

On the other hand, you will need a good development company to help you out as developing games is by no means an easy task. Here are a few tips to help you locate the right company to work with.

Check the Experience
It is vital that you consider the experience of the mobile game development agency. After all, experienced developers will possess an in-depth knowledge of the various mobile platforms and game systems. Moreover, they will have worked on a range of different genres like casino games or educational games. As such, they will know what is required to make topnotch games in whatever genre you want.

Research the Development Process
A good company is bound to have a smooth and effective development process in place. They will also ensure

Poker Cash Game Strategy

Poker cash games are one of the most thrilling forms of playing a poker. The value in real or play money on each chip is written. In these games, the player can leave the table any time or just sit down. Poker cash games are the best way to earn a consistent income in playing poker games. Players in cash games have their own poker cash games strategy.

Poker cash games strategy is much more different compared to poker tournaments. Whenever the player gets low stacks of chips, he or she can add more chips. In proportion to the sizes of stacks of chips, the blind will always be small. Losing the bankroll will result to busting out of the poker game. And to avoid losing, the player should have larger bankroll. Always remember that the player should stay in focus in making the best decision moves and just play the cards well. Some of the popular poker games which require a good poker cash games strategy are Heads up Poker, Limit Hold’em, and No Limit Hold’em.

Poker cash games strategy in playing heads up poker is very difficult to determine

Game More of Promise

As my warp drive deactivates, my ship pulls hard out of the infinite colors of hyperspace. I’m surrounded by a bright but murky green nebula. I’ve never been in a star system surrounded by such a brilliant green. Space is brighter than I ever imagined it would be, brighter than any video I’ve seen of Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon, of the International Space Station’s robotic arm reaching out into the black.

But this isn’t reality, I remind myself. It’s a game, albeit a fantastically large one on an unprecedented scale. My mental escape to the real world is quickly interrupted. Space pirates are scanning my ship. Already? I think to myself. I just got here!

They’ve searched my cargo hold. They like what they see. I attempt to engage my pulse drive. Perhaps I can make it to the nearest planet, which, at my current speed coming out of hyperspace, is still a painful 4 hours away. But it won’t engage. The space pirates are blocking my pulse drive. I’m panicking. It’s just a game, I remind myself. But that doesn’t stop the irrepressible feeling of dread eating away at me. A feeling that